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Linwood owes its continuing success to its few yet mighty, housekeeping, kitchen, and maintenance staff, who have close to 100 years of combined service to the Spiritual Center!
We are grateful beyond measure and so we pray that they will be blessed beyond measure.


Terence McCorry

Executive Director, Program Director, Spiritual Direction

Kathleen A. Donnelly, SU                 

Spiritual Direction,  supervision and training of

Spiritual Directors

Andrew Jenners, Head Chef
Maureen Steeley, SU  

Spiritual Direction, Retreat Ministry

Linwood Spiritual Directors are available for:

  • On-going Spiritual Direction

  • Bio-Spiritual Focusing Sessions

  • Individually Directed Retreats

  • The Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life

  • Parish Home Retreats


For more information, please refer to our Calendar and Retreat Programs, or feel free to contact us.


We'd love to hear from you!

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