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Sept. 1, 2019

Wisdom should be celebrated and shared in order to benefit our future. Passing on the experience of Linwood Spiritual Center to the next generation is an essential part of modeling our beliefs and practices. Throughout the calendar year of 2020, Linwood Spiritual Center will pay tribute to our seasoned and wise guests who believe in passing on the spiritual torch.

For all retreats during 2020 (including the remainder of 2019), every time you register yourself and someone who is 20+ years younger and new to Linwood, you will be honored with 20% off your retreat cost. As many times that you come with a next generation friend, you receive the "honorable elder" discount. Share the good news!


July 1, 2019

Linwood Spiritual Center Welcomes New Executive Director  
Linwood Spiritual Center, a ministry of the Society of St. Ursula, a Roman Catholic order of women religious founded in 1606, is pleased to announce and welcome Terence McCorry as the new Executive Director. Terence has been in the position of Assistant Director since August 2018 in order to prepare him for the position of Executive Director which has been held by members of the SU community. Terence, a layman, has been in professional ministry for 25 years focusing on campus and young adult ministry, teaching, and Spiritual Direction.  He holds a Masters in Theology from Union Theological Seminary in New York City and a Bachelors in Broadcasting and Film from Boston University. Terence spent 12 years in the film industry before attending UTS.  He brings a wide range of secular and non-secular experience to Linwood, which is celebrating over 50 years of service in their majestic location overlooking the Hudson. According to the mission statement, Linwood Spiritual Center desires to welcome diverse groups and individuals and to provide an atmosphere of openness and hospitality where people find home…to companion people on their spiritual journey as they seek God and to foster spiritual freedom and growth.  Sr. Maureen Steeley, SU who has handed over the keys of Linwood to McCorry, refers to Linwood as that “certain place that speaks to your heart… a deepening place…and Terence brings much wisdom, experience, and enthusiasm to this new ministry. We are all looking forward to working together to help Linwood grow even deeper.” Clearly many retreat leaders and spiritual practioners feel that Linwood is indeed that “certain place” as  groups have booked Linwood into the fall of 2020.  McCorry invites “seekers and servers, workers and wayfarers, to this little piece of paradise where local is just who we are, mindful is how we treat one another, and quiet means that creation is speaking. All are welcome at this table.”    
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