Funding Projects 

Where your treasure is, there also will be your heart...   

Matthew 6:21

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General Fund

The fund assists us in meeting the expenses of this fifty-year-old Spiritual Center, which rests upon fifty-two riverfront acres, keeping our fees affordable while providing the high standard of services all deserve and enjoy.




Planned Giving

Planned giving encompasses a variety of ways that gifts can be make to Linwood Spiritual Center from accumulated sources. It usually involves estate or financial planning such as a bequest in a will or a gift from assets such as real estate, stock, life insurance or retirement accounts. Please contact our office for ways to participate. 


To Make a Donation 
Donations of all amounts are welcome and your generosity is held in prayer by the SU Community.

You may send a check payable to Linwood Spiritual Center and or click Donate below.


Thank you so much for your support of Linwood Spiritual Center.